Harga untuk perorangan (Mac)

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Jelajahi berbagai fitur paket yang berbeda

Gratis Pindahkan Ponsel Pindahkan WhatsApp Fitur Lengkap
Pindahkan Ponsel
Pindahkan kontak, foto, musik
dan data lainnya dari satu ponsel ke yang lain dengan sekali klik
5 kontak
Pindahkan WhatsApp
Pindahkan WhatsApp dari Ponsel ke Ponsel
Pindahkan WhatsApp Bisnis
Pindahkan GBWhatsApp
Cadangkan dan pulihkan WhatsApp
Cadangkan dan pulihkan LINE
Cadangkan dan pulihkan WeChat
Cadangkan dan pulihkan Viber
Cadangkan dan pulihkan Kik
Cadangkan perangkat iOS
Cadangkan perangkat adroid
Pulihkan dari Cadangan MobileTrans 5 kontak
Pulihkan dari cadangan iTunes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I update software free of charge after I buy a license?

Yes, any paid users can update to the latest version free of charge.

How to choose a proper license?

It depends on how many devices you want to transfer to and the transfer frequency. We offer the personal license, business license, 1-year license, 3-years license, etc. It's better to select a business if you want to use for commercial purpose. You can use the license for a year after you buy a 1-year license, and you can cancel automatic renewal.

What does "1-5 mobile devices and a PC" mean for the MobileTrans?

The license with 1-5 devices and 1 PC means that you can only authorize your license to one computer and connect 5 devices to the MobileTrans. If you want to transfer data for more than 5 devices or on another PC, you need to get a new plan to continue the usage.

Will I get the license as soon as I pay for it?

Absolutely yes! You will receive an e-mail containing your registration information as soon as you finish the payment process.